Prince shade

a zion chronicle


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Maredith Ryan lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area. She is a middle school English teacher and enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as staying consistently involved in athletics. Ryan’s self-care includes slow Saturday mornings with coffee, time spent in activity, and doing puzzles. Her faith is very important to her and she knows any talent in writing is only because The Lord has graciously blessed her with it. This is Ryan’s first published chapter book; she knew she wanted to be a writer at an early age and, taking the advice of her high school English teacher, has “Never stopped creating.” It is largely because of the countless worlds she’s experienced, adventures she’s embarked on, and individuals she’s met through the incredible act of reading, that she now creates worlds of her own. Ryan now encourages fellow writers with that very same mantra from her early years of writing: Never stop creating.

About The Book

Prince Shade is many things…but a murderer is not one of them. After being accused of killing his father, the king, and escaping his home, Shade and his closest friend Erin find themselves on the run. While Shade endeavors to build an army of allies and retake the throne, he learns there are many who prefer someone else be in charge; and many more who wish to see the downfall of the throne altogether. In the midst of confusion, chaos, and treachery Shade learns there may still be hope for the kingdom, even in the darkest of places.


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Frank Klehan
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My brother and I have always been fanatic and obsessed with dark mystery fantasy novels, especially those in which the plot is focused more on wars and fights over power and throne, deceit and betrayal. And when we came across the novel 'Prince Shade: A Zion Chronicle' by author Maredith Ryan. We couldn't get enough of it. This was a masterpiece novel since we both finished reading Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings. The major distinguishing feature of this book was the main character's development at every step and the endeavors he faced to retake the throne of this deceased father, the king. This book is a must-read for all those who crave a good fantasy novel full of mind-twisting plot twists with interesting side characters. A world of dark powers and castles, rage of war, and hunger for more power and supremacy can ultimately become a curse because with extraordinary powers and reign always comes a great burden to endure it…
Elizabeth Rogers
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The main aspect I deeply enjoyed when reading this novel was how beautifully the author portrayed even the tiny details of the Zion Kingdom. The medieval times with great rules of kings and queens and their arch rivalries with other kingdoms swept me off my feet and carried me to a different era, all while sitting on my comfy couch and enjoying this phenomenal book. ‘Prince Shade: A Zion Chronicle’ by author Meredith Ryan is a true dark fiction book filled with enchanting characters and a fantastic storyline. The parts that intrigued me were the threats of anarchy, treason, and havoc throughout the story. Sometimes what the readers want in a fantasy book is not all butterflies and prince and princess finding their ways to eternal love; sometimes, readers demand the hardcore brutality and lust for power and reign even if it is at the cost of the loved ones. That is what makes it dark fantasy, and these were the sole essence that this novel was based on! Complete genius work!
Stephen Amason
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I have never been a huge fan of stories based on betrayals and treachery, all for more power and control. Let’s face the fact that we already live in a world where our leaders are in a cold war with other nations just for more supremacy and reign despite all the catastrophes these combats have caused us. But when a friend recommended me to give this book a read, I instantly got hooked on the plot with all its mind-whirling twists and turns. I loved the main protagonist of the story: Prince Shade, and all his endeavors and struggles to honor his father’s name. And gain what belongs to him, his father’s throne, for which many people are conspiring and scheming devious plans against him. Everyone wishes to see the downfall of the kingdom that his father built from many sacrifices. But Shade wouldn’t let this go away in vain. ‘Prince Shade: A Zion Chronicle’ by author Maredith Ryan is a must-read book for every dark mystery and fantasy lover. A kind of book that’ll keep you up until every page of the book is turned!
Wydrika Paul
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I always had a thing for fictional world full of monarchs and kingdoms, their rulers and of course their nemesis. It reminds me of the good old times when actual monarch used to rule the great the kingdoms and my grandma used to tell the stories how they came into power and how they were betrayed and let down by their own bloodlines. Such stories are pure gold and this is what the brilliant novel ‘Prince Shade: A Zion Chronical’ by author Maredith Ryan has portrayed in her dark fantasy book. In addition, I also adored the book for beautifully describing the serene views in which the kingdom is centered that are enchanting forests and breathtaking mountain descriptions and dreadful stormy seas. It felt like I could almost imagine myself surrounded with these astounding views and witnessing the chaotic events happening around me as I kept reading the book. The author had put all her efforts to truly engulf the readers in her story and sense each scene with immense feel!
Tim Allen Clarke
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There are many intriguing aspects about dark mystery fantasy books, especially those filled with many loop ends and twisting storylines. Ever since childhood, I've been fascinated to read these enchanting tales of early times. The golden eras of gods and mystical creatures lurking in the dark, treachery and mayhem everywhere to have more power and command over the conquering lands. This has always excited me rather than those cliché fantasy novels where the land is filled with fairies and mermaids and whatnot! I believe sometimes it's important to see the darker aspects of the literary world. When I mean the darker side, I explicitly mean deceit, betrayals, massacres and all the elements that can compel someone to act in heinous ways to gain more supremacy. And this masterpiece book 'Prince Shade: A Zion Chronicle' by author Maredith Ryan has flawlessly incorporated all these enthralling elements to make readers like me completely devoured by the plot until we reach the end. Even the ending can leave a drastic effect on the mind that'll whirl in the readers' thoughts for days and weeks!
Jose Collins
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The fantasy genre novel ‘Prince Shade: A Zion Chronicle’ by author Meredith Ryan has perfectly executed the strategic ways to connect with the readers, especially those who are big fans of dark fantasy literature, through her masterpiece work. This is the tale about the prince Zion who is accused of this father, the king’s murder, but Zion knows that he might be many things but not a murderer. So, to redeem his honor and retake his father’s throne, he must form an alliance of trusted companions to fight this war against people who want to take charge of the monarchy. But, wait, there is more! Amidst all the chaos and confusion of who is a friend and a foe, Zion must fight all odds to retrieve what is truly his and reclaim the throne…. The plot had me gripped from the start to the end with many exciting characters and their significant roles in keeping the story riveting until every page was turned!
Nyjah Hughes
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I admit that when my friend first recommended this book to read, I wasn't sure that I'd like the overall storyline. My choice of literature books is pretty specific, and not every fiction genre intrigues me to the point of actually finishing the book. Writers often easily overlook the main essence of the plot that keeps the readers hooked and on their toes. As a result, the story begins to feel like a drag and somewhat a cliché. But, I'd confess that I couldn't get enough of it since I got my hands on the novel 'Prince Shade: A Zion Chronicle' by author Maredith Ryan. While reading, I felt as if I was living these moments in reality, and every turning point in the book was so unpredictable, and I was like, 'wait, how? And What? These were the perplexing points that compelled me, even more to get to the end of the book—biting my nails off in complete awe feel as if all the events were occurring right in front of me! Maredith did justice with every aspect of the book and truly presented a masterpiece!
John Ryan
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What makes a good dark fantasy novel? Has any reader ever wondered what the main essence of literature is that can delve one's mind into the ancient era of gods and monarchs fighting over power and might? The journey of redemption, along with many painful obstacles but with the help of one sincere ally, all these can be dealt with and defeated… I believe such are the core elements that make a fantasy novel captivating for dark fiction lovers. And I think author Maredith Ryan in her novel 'Prince Shade: A Zion Chronicle' has truly depicted a work of art and the entire main features that make a gripping storyline from the start to the end of the book! The story of a handsome prince on the quest to uncover all secrets conspiring against him and to retake his father's throne. Shade, the prince, is now the sole heir of the whole kingdom, but many obstacles and battles await on the path of the dear prince… What a magnificent plot the author has put forward for her readers! Looking forward to seeing what more the author comes up with or a sequel to this story.